atha is more than a brand. The Sanskrit word atha (अथ) means “now”. It calls our attention to the present moment. Being present is both the essence and the goal of the practice.





Sustainability and Performance are at the core of our brand – atha makes supreme Eco Yoga mats and accessories from natural and sustainable raw materials of superior quality.





atha Yoga Mats are earth- and body-friendly, free from PVC, TPE or any other harmful substance. Our mats are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

All our products are vegan and the packaging is plastic-free.

Through our partnership with tree-nation we plant trees for every product sold to offset carbon emissions caused by manufacturing and shipping. In addition, tree-nation offsets all CO2 emissions that our website generates by planting trees in our forest.


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atha Yoga mats meet the highest quality demands. Our mats offer excellent grip and stability, right from the beginning. No need for towels or breaking-in.

The high-density natural rubber base provides the perfect amount of cushioning and stability. atha Yoga mats always lie flat on the floor – and never slip.



BODY Alignment


The Body Alignment System atha Align® was developed by experienced Yoga teachers. Smart alignment markers help yogis of all levels and heights to adjust and perfect their asanas. Our minimalist designs help you concentrate on the essentials of your practice.




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Transform your practice instantly. Gain stability and security in your asanas with our PRO series. High performance for beginners and advanced practitioners.

The grip of atha PRO Yoga mats is exceptional, in dry and sweaty wet conditions. The luxury top layer is made of specially engineered Eco-Polyurethane, while the base is made of natural rubber for optimal stability and cushioning.

atha PRO mats are longer and wider than the usual yoga mat, giving you the extra space you have been longing for.


atha PRO mats



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atha CORK yoga mats offer an amazing natural handfeel and a superior non-slip surface that gets even more grippy when you sweat. The natural rubber base grants perfect cushioning and stability.

Practicing on atha CORK mats is a pleasure for beginners and advanced yogis alike.

Cork is very durable and has natural antimicrobial properties, which makes it easy to keep the mat clean.


atha CORK mats





atha BAGS are handcrafted in small workshops in Barcelona. We use GOTS-certified organic cotton for their production.


atha BAGS